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America's jackpot export: MegaMillions!

For the first time, European players can play fully-licensed American lottos with huge jackpots here at Lottoland.

Play the MegaMillions at Lottoland

Seize America's gold reserves at Lottoland: twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4am (CEST), MegaMillions could crown you overnight with your own Mega Millions!

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The highest jackpots worldwide

Live your own American Dream by predicting 5+1 numbers to scoop the world's highest jackpots. No other lotto game has awarded as many record payouts. You can only hit the highest possible jackpot of 656 million USD at Lottoland with the DoublePot!

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The MegaPlier quintuples winnings

The MegaMillions pays out 9 tiers of prizes. The additional MegaPlier option can quintuple the prize amounts from the second tier. The MegaPlier multiplier increases winnings by 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x!

5-from-69 and 1-from-26 Powerball Game rules 5-from-75 and 1-from-15 Megaball
From 3.50 EUR Price per line From 3.50 EUR
40 Mil. USD (about 31 Mil. Euros) Minimum jackpot 15 Mil. USD (about 12 Mil. Euros)
587 Mil. USD (about 452 Mil. Euros) Previous record jackpot 1.6bn. USD (about 1 bn. Euros)
DoublePot from 2.50 EUR Jackpot upgrade DoublePot from 2.50 EUR
PowerPlay for 1 EUR Upgrade prize tiers 2 through 9 MegaPlier for 1 EUR
1:55 Probability of winning 1:15
Thursdays & Sundays at 05:00 (CEST) Draw Wednesdays & Saturdays at 05:00 (CEST)
30 years of cash instalment payments that increase annually Jackpot payout 30 years of cash instalment payments that increase annually

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