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About EuroMillions

EuroMillions – Europe’s favourite lotto

Join the rest of Europe when Euro Millions lottery fever sweeps through. Choose the magical numbers that could win you up to 160 million EUR!

Pick your numbers and play – it’s that easy

Select five numbers from 1-50 and two extra numbers from 1-12 for each line you want. You can also choose your numbers at random by selecting our QuickPick (Quick+1) option. After that all you need to do is submit you ticket.

All of Europe eyes the jackpot

Players across 10 European countries await the announcement of the all important EuroMillions winning numbers from Paris. The UK currently boasts the largest EuroMillions jackpot winner, will you be the next?

The biggest jackpots in Europe

Since 2004, millions of fans have played for a minimum jackpot of 15 million that can build up to 190 million. The EuroMillions lottery is responsible for producing several of the UK’s biggest lotto winners, who have all pocketed over £100 million each.

Combo – increase your chances of a jackpot win

Now you can enter multiple lines quick and easy with a Combo ticket at Lottoland. Pick more than five main numbers or more than two Stars in any field and the play slip will automatically combine all the different possible lines. The more lines you have, the better your chances to win millions!

5-from-50 & 2-from-11 Stars Game rules 5-from-50 & 2-from-10 EuroNumbers
From €2.95 Price per line From €2
€15 million Minimum jackpot €10 million
€190 million Previous record jackpot €90 million
DoubleJackpot from €2 Jackpot upgrade DoubleJackpot from €2
1:23 Probability of winning 1:42
Tuesday & Friday approx 21:20 CET Draw Friday 20:00 CET

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