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EuroJackpot: Europe’s newest lotto - a better chance to win!

The EuroJackpot is similar to the EuroMillions game but the main jackpot prize is easier to win plus cheaper to play! Match 5 numbers plus the 2 lucky stars and you could win up to 90 million Euros.

To play you pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50, and another 2 additional numbers (lucky stars) from 1 to 8. Each line costs 2 Euro, with a handling fee of 50 Cents per ticket. Exclusive Lottoland features NumberShield costs an additional 1 Euro and Double Jackpot from 2 Euro extra.

2 days 9 hrs

EuroMillions: Europe’s biggest jackpot

Join the hunt for Europe's biggest jackpots: the DoubleJackpot feature raises the maximum EuroMillions payouts from 190 Million Euros to an incredible 380 Million Euros!

Play now by picking 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 stars from 1 to 11. Each line costs 2.50 Euros and the Double Jackpot feature is just from extra 2 Euros.

2 days 10 hrs

Play America's #1 Lottos online

Cash in on your luck with America's supersized jackpots:
MegaMillions and PowerBall are now at Lottoland!

The Highest Jackpot Ever: Play MegaMillions Online!

You can now win the world's biggest jackpots on Wednesdays and Saturdays with the 5 from 75 plus 1 from 15 draw. The MegaPlier feature gives you the chance to quintuple the 2nd Prize payout for just an extra Euro per line!    

» Learn how to play and win the MegaMillions now!

Win the US PowerBall, with a 40 million minimum jackpot

Guess 5-from-59 and the Powerball correctly to take home the massive jackpots. Consider Thursdays and Sundays your American Dream days, and pick the PowerPlay option to multiply your winnings further!    

» Learn how to play and win the PowerBall now!

5-from-59 and 1-from-35 Powerball Game rules 5-from-56 and 1-from-46 Megaball
From 2 EUR Price per line From 2 EUR
40 Mil. USD (about 31 Mil. Euros) Minimum jackpot 12 Mil. USD (about 9 Mil. Euros)
587 Mil. USD (about 452 Mil. Euros) Previous record jackpot 656 Mil. USD (about 504 Mil. Euros)
DoublePot from 1.75 EUR Jackpot upgrade DoublePot from 1.75 EUR
PowerPlay for 1 EUR Upgrade prize tiers 2 through 9 MegaPlier for 1 EUR
1:55 Probability of winning 1:40
Thursdays & Sundays at 05:00 (CEST) Draw Wednesdays & Saturdays at 05:00 (CEST)
30 years of cash instalment payments that increase annually Jackpot payout 30 years of cash instalment payments that increase annually