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EuroJackpot – Europe’s newest lotto

Lottery lovers from the UK and across Europe have the chance to hunt for another giant European jackpot of up to £75 million every Friday.

Pick 5 from 50 & 2 from 10 to become a millionaire

Choose 5 numbers from 1 – 50 and an additional two EuroNumbers as you join in with the rest of Europe every Friday in the hope to become the next multi-millionaire. With the DoubleJackpot feature you could make yourself twice as rich as your jackpot win will be doubled – up to a massive €180 million.

Friday night is jackpot time

Friday has become the day of jackpots as players from over 14 European countries all pool together for the Euro Jackpot, awaiting the draw in Helsinki that takes place around 20:00. By the start of the weekend, you could be celebrating becoming a millionaire!

A better chance to win European gold

The EuroJackpot was designed to give players across Europe a better chance of striking the jackpot in comparison to the EuroMillions lottery. The odds of winning EuroMillions is 1 in 117 million exceed the odds of winning the EuroJackpot at 1 in 95 million. The EuroJackpot can rollover to a maximum of around €90 million!

Play like a pro with a Combo ticket

Now you can increase your chances of winning at Lottoland with our quick and convenient Combo bet that allows you to select more than 5 main numbers & 2 EuroNumbers in a field. Our play slip will automatically combine all the different possible lines, a perfect solution for lottery syndicate players who all want to choose their own lucky number.

5-from-50 & 2-from-11 Stars Game rules 5-from-50 & 2-from-10 EuroNumbers
From €2.95 Price per line From €2
€15 million Minimum jackpot €10 million
€190 million Previous record jackpot €90 million
DoubleJackpot from €2 Jackpot upgrade DoubleJackpot from €2
1:23 Probability of winning 1:42
Tuesday & Friday approx 21:20 CET Draw Friday 20:00 CET

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