The Top Ten of the Biggest Jackpots ever

Here you will find a list of the biggest historic lotto jackpots worldwide. We have researched and compiled for you the record jackpots, the largest individual prizes and winners. Unexpected news is that the fairly new Euro Millions lottery is already featured four times in the top ten, growing to a real competitor for the U.S. Mega Millions lottery.Have fun reading and playing for the super jackpot!

Jackpot Lottery Date Winners
345mn EUR Mega Millions (USA) 30th of March 2012 Three players from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland
310mn EUR Powerball (USA) 18th of May 2013 One player from Florida
308mn EUR Powerball (USA) 28th of November 2012 Two players from Arizona and Missouri
205mn EUR Mega Millions (USA) 06th of March 2007 Two players from Georgia and New Jersey
199mn EUR Mega Millions (USA) 04th of January 2011 Two players from Idaho and Washington
192mn EUR Powerball (USA) 06th of March 2007 One player from Nebraska
190mn EUR EuroMillions (Europe) 10th August 2012 A couple from Great Britain
185mn EUR EuroMillions (Europe) 12th of July 2011 A couple from Scotland
183mn EUR EuroMillions (Europe) 03rd of February 2006 Two French and a Portuguese
183mn EUR EuroMillions (Europe) 17th of November 2006 Forced pay out to tier 2

Our Methods
We accounted for the net jackpot, the sum an individual winner received after tax, or would have received. Lottery winnings are taxable in the U.S., in contrast to Germany and most European countries. For U.S. lotteries we therefore take taxes into account in order to have a fair comparison of actual winnings. Typically, lottery winnings in the U.S. are taxed at an average rate of 25-35%. We used a value of 30%. Note: It is common for U.S. lotteries to pay out lottery jackpots as annuity ("Annuity Option") over several years (e.g. winnings of Mega Millions will be paid out over 30 years).

Record jackpots won at Lottoland will be paid out without tax deductions.