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About Us

Our Mission

Lottoland bringing you dream jackpots!

Here at Lottoland we give thousands of lottery lovers the chance to play for dream jackpots all over the world including UK Lotto, EuroMillions plus America’s super-sized lottos PowerBall & MegaMillions.

Dream it, win it!

When you play at Lottoland you bet on the outcome of the official lottery. You have the same customer experience in picking your numbers, and if you win any of the prize categories you will receive the same payout as if you entered officially – including the jackpots.

Don’t forget that a lottery is one of the world’s greatest equalisers, it doesn’t discriminate or cares if you’re rich already, it can make anyone a millionaire!

Bigger jackpots at Lottoland

Only at Lottoland can you play our exclusive DoubleJackpot feature that gives you control of the jackpot total. If you want to play for a bigger amount, then activate the DoubleJackpot feature and if you win the main prize, you’ll get double the jackpot!

Putting the lotto player first

Lottoland even allows you to play right up until the draw time with our LastMinute tickets feature for EuroMillions and other lottos.

Imagine a giant jackpot is up for grabs and you didn’t buy a ticket… well at Lottoland our LastMinute tickets are available after the official close time for the draw, and this means you can still enter with QuickPick numbers.

At the heart of what we do is you the customer. We understand that lotto players are chasing that life changing jackpot and sometimes you need a little help. With our regular discounts and promotions we make it more cost effective to buy your lotto tickets here.

Have you ever played lottery where you have been given a free line or even your money back if you didn’t win? Our Money Back is one of our introductory offers and guarantees that everyone’s a winner with their first purchase.

Lotto on the go

Our market leading mobile service allows you to play whenever and wherever you have that lucky feeling; giving you multi-million pound lotteries to choose from with just a tap of a screen.

Government Licensed

Lottoland is a respected lottery betting operator, who hold an official licence from the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

Gibraltar has been the destination of choice for online gambling companies for a number of years, with over 60% of the world’s online gambling industry based there.

The brands located here include British heavyweights like William Hill, Ladbrokes & Betfair – all trusted names in the UK betting industry.

Rest assured that a betting license in Gibraltar is only granted if we can prove our financial status to ensure all winners get paid out, and that we have a fair player policy.

Here are our company details:

Lottoland licence number 066 and regulated by Government of Gibraltar.

Operator of this website is Lottoland with its registered office at Office Suite C, Ocean Village Promenade, Ocean Village, Gibraltar (EU).

Lottoland (Gibraltar) Ltd is incorporated at the Registrar of Companies with the company number 109495.

EU Lotto Ltd is officially licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. The licence was issued under Part 3 of the Gambling Act 2005.

Jackpot payouts backed by Emirat AG

At Lottoland our jackpot payouts are insured by Munich-based Emirat AG, who are audited by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), so you can be rest assured that your dream win will be paid into your bank account.

Lottoland is a responsible operator and encourages responsible gambling, with the ability to manage personal spending limits.

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